Services are held in the round

She's Old

The Holy Sepulchre is the oldest building in Northampton, surviving the great fire, one of only 4 round churches in the U.K., and has the longest aisle in Northampton. 

So let’s get acquainted with The Holy Sepulchre a little more. Here are some interesting facts about the church.

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One of Four Round Churches
The Holy Sepulchre was The first of approximately 20 British medieval round churches to be built, of which only four now exist in their complete form.
The Churchyard
The churchyard has been the scene of several historical battles.
Stained Glass
The Rutland Regiment memorial window depicts the battle of Jaffa with Richard the Lion Heart and Saladin depicted. We also have a window by Kemp and Morris Brothers.
Northampton Tunnels
We can neither confirm or deny that the famous Northampton tunnels run under the church.
Princess Alice
One of the kneelers was made by Princess Alice.
Roles Of Honour
The rolls of honour and memorials in the church recall the names of over 7,000 soldiers who died in the service of their country. Only one of these is a woman.
Northamptonshire Regiment
It was the Church of the Northamptonshire Regiment for many years (which almost certainly means that the church was visited by Royalty).
Caroline Chisholm
Caroline Chisholm was married here and there is a stained glass window in her honour.
Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
The church was modelled on the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Funded by Simon De Senlis's wife
The construction was funded out of the income of Simon De Senlis's wife, who was the niece of Good King Wenceslas. And contrary to local legend Simon de Senlis did not go on the first crusade.
The First Vicar
the first vicar is recorded as being overly fond of wine.
Bullet Holes
There are several muskett shot holes near the Great West Door.
The word Sepulchre means a place of burial, a grave, normally a tomb.
The Organ
Our Grade 11 John Stringer organ dates from 1880 and is recognised as an instrucment of importance to our national heritage.
Saint Thomas Beckett
Saint Thomas Beckett celebrated mass here.
the church is built in soft Northampton iron stone
As a consequence it has suffered from erosion over the years. However, the Restoration Trust has raised £1.3 million over the last thirty years leaving the church in very good order.
If you sing in the round the sound takes 1.35 secs to reach the nave.
Royal Connections
Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited here in 1989.

Interesting Facts

view of the inside of Church Of The Holy Sepulchre

No Open Day 1st & 8Th June

Due to church events there will be no open day on 1st and 8th June.