Church from 1100 AD Northampton

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Our church is very much in her ‘wisdom years’. She stands as a testament to history, time gone by, and religious worship. If her walls could talk she would have a lot to say.

She is also a mismatch of different people's ideas, visions, and beliefs and spans many historical periods. Her oldest parts date from 1100 AD and her newest additions from Victorian times.

Everyone who steps into the church is hit by her grandeur. There is something magnetic and intriguing about the way the light hits the building, the colours illuminated by the stained glass windows, and the gothic arches affording a vista that is only noticed at a second glance.

We are a member of the National Churches Trust. 

Founded in 1100

The Holy Sepulchre is the oldest building in Northampton, surviving the great fire, one of only 4 round medieval churches in the U.K., and has the longest aisle in Northampton.

small details inside gothic church northampton
Pillars in round church

Unique From The Start

The Holy Sepulchre was the first of approximately 20 British medieval round churches to be built, of which only four now exist in their complete form.

black and white inside details of Northampton church

Our History

“A fascinating building rich with history.”

church of the holy sepulchre


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Your F.A.Q.'s

Yes,  we gather regularly on Sundays at 11am for a Holy Communion service with hymns (approximately 60 minutes). You can find out more information here, or e-mail

Yes, we have open days from May to December. We also do guided tours with our historian or militatry expert.

Yes we do. In fact the church is home to the Masque Theatre’s productions. 

We are a little selective but we are open to appropriate events. We have hosted, plays, special services, musical events, album launches, photoshoots, filming, choirs and a whole host of other events of this nature. 

Yes you can, in fact we welcome it. However if the photos or videos are for financial gain a different arrangement will have to be made.    We also ask that you do not take pictures of other people who might be in the church at that time.

Contact Us: 01604 627988

We Also Have A Church Hall with facilities to rent in a town cente location.